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By Irene Butler
For Travel Writers' Tales

Powerful flanks move in easy rhythm. Prima is the first to reach me. I see my reflection in her gentle ebony eye as she tucks her nose against my cheek and whinnies a greeting. Paschar nuzzles in next, followed by Micah. Among these Warmbloods (sport horse breeds), I notice two Shetland Ponies, and...what? a bull! - his stocky form nonchalantly munching hay alongside several large equines.

"That's Tesoro, meaning treasure in Spanish," said Liz Mitten Ryan, "and yes, he thinks he's a gallant steed." The 15 horse/1 bull Ryan menagerie also includes 4 dogs and 2 cats that romp around like inseparable buddies.

My husband Rick and I are at Gateway2 Ranch on the outskirts of Kamloops, B.C. owned by horse whisperer, author and artist Liz and her architect husband Kevin. The Ryans were intuitively drawn to this 320 acre ranch 10 years ago. Secluded for a decade with her equines in the rolling grasslands, forests, and endless sky, Liz spent her days running, playing, training, observing these joyful, reckless creatures until she knew their every nuance and became in her own words, "one with the herd" - a life-changing journey.

From here her story takes on a series of bizarre twists. She began writing about her experiences, but even the close bond with her horses did not lessen Liz's shock when telepathically these magnificent beings started to communicate their perspective on oneness with the creator of all things.

"My animals' message to humans is that they want to be recognized as equal spirits," says Liz. "They feel humans have been steadily removing themselves from the interconnection of everything in the universe - the divine spark of God in all things. They say the way to do this is to listen to our intuition or higher consciousness and to live our truth, just as animals live their truth each in their own God-given way."

Liz has co-authored four award-winning books in three years with her horses (with contributions by her dogs and cats, and images of her paintings) - "One with the Herd", "Unbridled", "Sabbatical", and "The Truth According to Horses". These books won eight Independent Publishing awards at Book Expo America in Los Angeles in 2008. "The Truth According to Horses" was entirely conceived and authored by Premiere Edition (a.k.a. Prima) and the Herd," says Liz. "It won a Nautilus Book Award for 2009, making Prima the first horse in history to win a literary award."

The ranch itself has recently drawn attention. Since day one this land "felt" different to the Ryans which they attributed to their emotional ties, but when visitors were enveloped by strange sensations she invited Billa, a renowned shaman, to walk the land. Billa detected the vortexes of two mega electro-magnetic energy fields with L-rods (dowsing tools for detecting energy auras).

Liz leads us to Billa's findings. Near the top of a rise my breath catches at a peculiar spectacle of a solitary boulder with thick green and orange lichen filling hollows giving alien features to this sizeable stone-head. Three stone protrusions connect downward like a giant's game of connect-the-dots, ending in a sizeable circle of rocks - the first vortex.

The second of the earth's dynamics discovered by Billa is at the end of a spiny path, where curved rocky ledges form a head-like shape. A higher mass of rock bulges like a third eye at the place the "head" ends in the second vortex. At some unknown time this powerhouse of nature drew lightening leaving a gigantic tree charred and standing upright that Liz says now acts as a channel to release this earth energy into the ether. It is here I feel an inexplicable surge of vertigo.

After we left Gateway2 an expert in Geomancy (divination by means of lines, figures and geographic features) found more prominent energy fields and claimed this land was more complete with full spectrum natural wonders than any he had ever witnessed.

Liz feels the powerful forces on this land may have heightened her and the horses' capability to resonate at a higher level of consciousness and clear the channels of communication - the link that allowed this horse whisperer to be directly inspired by equine wisdom.

Swaddled in Liz and Kevin's warm blanket of hospitality, rosy cheeked from our rambling about the land and frolicking with the Ryan's animal family, we left the ranch spiritually enriched…. and with much to ponder.

For more information on Liz and Gateway2 go to:

Photos: Rick Butler

1. Liz chats to Prima
2. Liz with Tesoro and Lion Dog Ra
3. Paschar and Micah
4. Zapped Tree in Vortex
5. Alien Rock

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