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 About Jane Cassie of travel writers tales

Jane Cassie

Jane has been exploring travel destinations with her husband and photographer, Brent, since 1996. As well as contributing to a number of high traffic travel ezines, their articles and photographs have been featured in numerous hard copy publications. Northwest Travel, North American Inns, Spa Life, and INNspire, are just a few. Over the past decade, they've also been published in more than a thousand daily and weekly Canadian and US newspapers. Jane was also acknowledged for writing 'the best Malaysia travel article of 2005' by Malaysia Tourism.

As well as providing mentorship to new travel writers, Jane has developed and taught her one day workshop 'Marketing Strategies for Travel Writers,' and is in the process of marketing an online course titled, 'How To Become A Successful Travel Writer.'

She is currently President, and one of the founding members BC Association of Travel Writers , is a current member of the Travel Media Assoc. of Canada and is now co-editor of Travel Writers' Tales.

She can be contacted at or through her personal site,
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